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​​​​​Construction Observation​

Peer Review​​.  Burgess Engineering can review airfield designs for compliance with appropriate design standards and recommend typical industry design and construction practices.  Training can be provided to design teams in advance of design to highlight areas requiring special attention.

Value Engineering.  Design reviews can be provided to owners and construction contractors to identify potential cost and time savings for airfield projects.

Field Inspection.  Qualified technical experts and engineers can be provided for full-time inspection, or inspection during key periods.  Burgess Engineering can assist in developing an appropriate electrical inspection schedule based on the project schedule.  Training can also be provided to full-time inspection staff on many electrical inspection to improve efficiency.

Testing & Commissioning.  Burgess Engineering can help owners, designers and contractors to develop testing and commissioning plans specific to projects.  Burgess can monitor testing and commissioning to ensure work is properly performed.

Disputes.  Where complex civil and electrical problems make dispute resolution difficult, Burgess Engineering can review project documents and provide technical and managerial recommendations.  Independent assessments can be performed to provide additional information to help resolve problems, or to minimize their cost & time impact.

Expert Witness.  Mr. Burgess provides over 25 years of design and construction experience across a broad range of technical disciplines and contract types.  He has worked on government & commercial contracts, horizontal and vertical constructions; and served in owner, designer, and contractor roles at the negotiating table.